Do you have a lot of visitors to your website, but not enough enquiries?

Unless you can connect with your visitors instantly, they will leave and go to another builder’s website.

This leaves you so desperate for any new leads that you end up taking on more ‘problem clients' ... dropping your price, ‘quoting and hoping’ and ‘working for wages’ on every contract you sign. All because you’re desperate for cash flow in order to survive.

That’s why 80% of residential building companies will fail in the next five years.

Larry Weber famously said, "People don’t want to be sold... what people do want is information on the things they care about.”

So wouldn’t it be great to have a consistent flow of qualified new enquiries who feel like they already know, like and trust you, even before you meet them? That way, you could pick and choose your clients and only take on the projects that you want to build.

It is possible to attract your ideal clients AND choose which jobs you want to take!

With the Building Pre-Start Checklist Lead Magnet, builders CAN attract their ideal clients and choose which jobs they take on… without dropping their price… or ‘working for wages’!

Implementing a professionally created ‘lead magnet’ into your building company is the easiest way to instantly generate more qualified leads. That’s because a website featuring a lead magnet on its homepage generates 147 times more leads than a conventional website that’s relying solely on a ‘contact us’ page.

Many builders spend a lot of time and money on advertising, hoping to ‘get the phone ringing’. However, the key to online marketing is actually using lead magnets that build trust and rapport with potential clients, long before they even speak to you. It’s a proven strategy that educates your prospects and delivers highly qualified leads to your business.

A Lead Magnet Will Engage Your Visitors

Website designers create fantastic looking websites that prioritise design and images. However, if your website doesn’t engage your visitors, they’ll simply leave and go to another site. What you actually need is great structure and content, which is the key to generating quality leads online.

You may think that this strategy won’t work for your building company… However, it has been proven to work in every type of building company across Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK and the USA. We have personally tested this method with our private clients, who are all custom home builders and renovation specialists who never build the same project twice - just like you.

Your Knowledge Is Gold

If you think your clients ‘already know this stuff’, you’d be amazed at how little they actually know… and how keen they are to learn more. Most builders underestimate their own wealth of knowledge and simply don’t realise how helpful and invaluable their advice can be to consumers. Providing genuine advice to consumers, without being ‘salesy’, builds their trust.

What happens if you don’t have many visitors to your website? Without visitors, you won’t be able to generate new leads.

If you find yourself in this position, the solution is simple… You need to put your marketing in front of more people, through advertising. The most cost-effective way for a residential building company to do this is through video on Facebook and Google, using the exact same strategy that you should be using on your website.

Which is why we’ve created a brand new lead magnet for builders. It’s called 'The Pre-Start Checklist For Consumers'.

Generate A Consistent Stream Of Leads From Your Website

When you have it, you’ll be generating a consistent stream of leads from your website and saving hours of your valuable time, with a ready-to-use lead magnet that’s been created by builders for builders.

It’s a great way to present your building company in the best possible light and you’ll save hundreds of dollars on video production, using a professional promotional video that’s already been created for you.

What’s more, by sharing valuable industry information with consumers, you’ll position your building company as an authority and not ‘just another builder’. Using this strategy, you’ll be able to generate ten times more leads for your building company, which creates more demand for your services and allows you to increase your margins.

Everything you need to get started is included in these templates, so you can create a consistent supply of new enquiries and choose what jobs you take on, while avoiding the problem clients. And you certainly won’t have to drop your price in order to win a job!

Click on the link below to learn more about the ready-made lead magnet for builders: The Pre-Start Checklist For Consumers.

Pre Start Checklist For Consumers