Are you worn out from continually preparing free quotes for your prospects?

Do you feel like you have little chance of winning the job, unless you’re able to offer the lowest price? The problem is that quoting jobs is the easy part. Any builder can do it…

Which means you’re competing against building companies that provide poor service and deliver terrible quality work. Guys that will happily drop their price just to win a job and service their cash-flow. These guys don’t last long, but they do create lasting damage to our industry. And if you try and compete with them, you’ll simply enter a ‘race to the bottom’.

However, there IS a better way!

AND it involves getting paid to produce quotes for clients who aren’t just looking for the lowest price. This enables you to avoid being seen as ‘just another builder’ and instead become a provider of professional services.

If you’ve never charged for a quote before, this may sound impossible; however, the process is relatively simple.

When you follow this process, you will convert more opportunities into contracts, simply by adding a Preliminary Building Agreement (PBA) to your sales process.

A client that has signed a PBA has an 80% chance of converting into a building contract; whereas only 10% of prospects that receive a free quote are likely to proceed.

Yet the majority of residential home builders continue to provide free quotes to anyone that pays them even the slightest bit of attention; and then complain when they don’t win the contract.

Builders that use a PBA in their sales process are getting paid to provide a professional service to their clients, which naturally leads to a signed building contract.

The problem is ...

Consumers simply don’t realise how many hours go into preparing a detailed quote for a new home or renovation. It’s not their fault - they simply haven’t had it explained to them. It’s our fault! We ALL have to take responsibility for this problem in our industry.

We know the difference between an estimate and a quote, but our prospects don’t. So unless we take the time to explain it to them, they will simply continue expecting to receive highly detailed quotes for free!

If you’re only speaking to consumers that have already completed all of their prelims, then you’re already on the back foot. There is very little value you can offer to these consumers, other than quoting the job (which will probably be way over their budget anyway). All in all, it’s not a good use of your time and you’d honestly be better off leaving these people to the ‘quote and hope’ builders.

This leaves you to focus on the consumers who you can genuinely help.

The ones who haven’t yet completed their engineering or final construction drawings. Your expertise can save these ideal clients a LOT of money. You can give them a free estimate, to see where the budget is likely to sit; and then provide expert advice on any changes that can be made to further reduce costs.

You can then contract out the work to only your trusted designers and engineers. Contour surveys, soil tests, inclusions and colour selections - these are all areas that you can start assisting consumers with before a contract is even signed.

And, contrary to popular belief, you won’t delay the signing of a contract - you’ll actually speed it up!

This is because, as a professional builder, YOU have the experience to know the pitfalls of a particular project, long before the site fencing goes up. And the the best clients are prepared to pay for that experience!

Of course, that’s not everyone. Some people will try and do everything themselves, in order to ‘save a few dollars’. As a consequence, they will either never build their dream home or endure the classic ‘nightmare building experience’. That’s fine, you can’t help those people - they have to learn from their own experience unfortunately.

However, by avoiding those people, you have more time to invest in ideal clients that are prepared to pay for quality service. These are the people you should be dealing with - not the ones who are solely looking for the ‘lowest price’, without knowing how to compare two different quotes.

And that's why we’ve created 'The Preliminary Building Agreement Template'.

When you use it as part of your sales process, you can be paid in advance to produce quotes for clients who are not solely looking for the ‘lowest price’.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Downloadable PBA Offer Checklist (so you can create your own unique offer to suit your market in minutes).
  • Downloadable Preliminary Building Agreement Template (so you can take the best prospects out of the market before they speak to your competitors).
  • How-to-videos that take you through the entire process of completing and using your new templates.
  • Lifetime access to the Preliminary Building Agreement Template.
  • Welcome and orientation call from a Construction Marketing Specialist (to ensure you get maximum value from your investment).

Everything you need to know is included in these templates, so you can get paid to quote jobs for clients who aren’t just looking for the lowest price.

Click on the link below to learn more about The Preliminary Building Agreement Template For Builders.

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