Do you find yourself dealing with uneducated prospects who ’just want a price’?

They don’t see your business as being any different to all the other building companies out there...for them it’s all about the price. Which leaves you competing against 5 other builders in a race to the bottom where nobody makes any money.

Wouldn't it be great if you could have quality conversations with prospects that feel like they already know you and are not solely focused on price? If you could set your building company apart from all of the other ‘quality builders’ in your area, you could position the conversation around the value you add rather than just the price you quote.

And that’s why every building company needs to be using video as part or their marketing strategy.

Video allows you to build trust and rapport with your new prospects while positioning your company as the experts in your niche. The use of video in marketing has rocketed over the past couple of years. And that trend is set to continue because according to CISCO, video will represent 82% of all IP traffic by 2021!

Over the past couple of years content marketing has turned the residential construction industry upside down.

Old school traditional builders that relied on referrals have been swept aside and left behind by a new breed of builders that understand how to market their building companies. They already understand the concept of leading with value and talking about the client’s problems rather than themselves in order to generate leads and opportunities.

The explosion in video has allowed them to take the strategy a step further and resonate with their target audience like never before.

Thanks to Facebook and YouTube they can not only get the attention of their ideal client easier and cheaper than ever before, they can connect with them in a way never before possible in the history of marketing.

As more and more traditional builders are waking up to what is happening and desperately trying to take advantage of the new opportunity, they are falling for the same old myths perpetuated by advertising agencies who tell them it’s just a case of ‘getting your name out there’. Nothing could be further from the truth!

If you fall for that line you’ll not only waste thousands of dollars in advertising. You’ll also fall further behind the smart builders who are following a proven strategy for acquiring new leads and converting them into high quality opportunities.

So, how does a residential home builder take advantage of the new opportunity which is content video marketing?

What should you say?

If you’re already producing blog articles for your website, this part is easy. All you need to do is read out the articles you’ve already written and presto! You now have your first content videos.

However, if you’ve not been producing articles already then you’ll need to get some scripts together. Fortunately for builders, this part is dead easy too. Simply review the most frequently asked questions you get, and answer them…That’s it. There’s nothing to it.

If you need more material you could start creating scripts that cover the problems clients generally face when designing or building a new home. Start talking about those problems and give some tips on how they can be solved or even avoided altogether and you’ll have enough content to last you a lifetime!

Don’t worry about being a ‘natural’ in front of the camera.

That really doesn't matter at all. Just be yourself. There is nothing more interesting for a consumer looking to build a new home than seeing a real builder on camera talking about residential construction. Do you know how many people tune in each week to watch those reality building shows? It’s incredible!

Video is such a massive opportunity for residential home builders we knew we had to do something to help more builders take advantage. So that's why we created this Builders Content Marketing Video. Once you use it you’ll have hot opportunities coming straight to you and nobody else.

You’ll get prospects to know, like and trust you before you even speak to them...

And you’ll be attracting your ideal client before they even contact another builder. You’ll demonstrate authority by sharing valuable industry information with consumers and you’ll create a brand with personality rather than just another faceless & impersonal building company

You’ll save hundreds of dollars on video production by using a professionally created promotional video to generate quality leads from Facebook & Youtube.

Everything you need is included in these templates so you can generate hot opportunities that aren’t getting quotes from 5 other builders!

Click on the link below to learn more about The Content Marketing Video For Builders.

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