Do you get stressed at handover time?

Do you find yourself under pressure and rushing to handover the home to the client as quickly as possible? Problem is, while you’re feeling awkward and ‘in the way’, your client is starting to feel rushed and undervalued. And when that happens, they are unlikely to be providing a great review of your building company or referring you to their friends and family.

However, when you create an unforgettable occasion for your client, well, that generates raving fans. As a result you’ll be dealing with prospects who have been referred by your past customers which means they are 4 times more likely to build with you. So if you could deliver a world class handover experience to every one of your clients, you’d have the formula for creating raving fans that can’t stop promoting your building company.

As a builder, you already know that referrals are important to your business...

However you may not realise just how important they are. According to research data collected by Nielsen’s, consumers are 4 times more likely to make a purchase when they have been referred by a friend. The importance of this information cannot be underestimated by builders. Because having prospects who are 4 times more likely to buy is a huge time saver. Can you imagine doing a quarter of the quotes you are currently doing and still winning the same amount of work?

And here’s another thing, referrals are free!

How much does it cost you to generate a client through traditional advertising methods? Although it can vary dramatically by location and niche, we have found the average cost to acquire a client for a building company is around $3k-$5k. So that means every referral that turns into a client is saving you at least $3,000, possibly more.

So while most builders are attempting to handover their finished projected as quickly as possible to bemused clients, the smart builders are creating an unforgettable occasion for their clients that results in even more happy clients in the future.

The big challenge for builders at handover is time...

Time is the enemy, it slowly ticks away towards the deadline. Each day there is more to do and less time to do it in! Clients become even more involved as the handover date gets closer, leading to more conversations, more requests and even less time to get on with it. And every day lost can potentially carry penalties, eating into any remaining margin you had on the job.

However, when you have a process for handover, you also have a process for managing your clients, and when you manage the clients, time manages itself!

The key is to follow a Handover Checklist.

Because when the clients know the process that is being followed, they stop focusing on the end result, and start appreciating the steps that need to be followed in order for it to happen.

And being visible at the end of the project allows you to set the parameters for fixing defects or addressing the snagging list. The last thing any builder wants is to be dealing with ‘that’ client who is constantly on the phone after handover demanding every little item is fixed.

However this situation can easily be avoided by setting expectations at the handover stage... all you need is a process and a checklist. And that's why we created 'The Handover Email Templates For Builders'.

Once you use them you’ll be creating unforgettable occasions for your clients that will turn them into raving fans of your building company. You’ll become known as the builder that looks after their clients and avoid being labeled as just another builder. You’ll have a proven handover process that puts you in control and reduces stress and creates delighted clients that cannot stop talking about you to their friends & family.

Most importantly, you’ll save time by managing your client at the most crucial part of the relationship and create an unforgettable event that they will never forget.

Everything you need to know is included in these templates so you can start generating even more referrals from past clients and enjoy dealing with prospects who are 4x more likely to sign a building contract!

Click on the link below to learn more about The Handover Email Templates For Builders.

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