Are visitors coming to your website and then leaving before making an enquiry?

If you fail to connect with them on their first visit, they will simply leave and move on to another builder’s site. This will leave you in a desperate situation where you don’t have enough enquiries coming in and as a consequence you’ll end up taking on problem clients or dropping your price to win jobs simply because you are desperate for cash flow.

With a consistent supply of new enquiries you can choose who you build for ...

Once you have a consistent supply of new enquiries you can enjoy the luxury of choosing who you build for, no more problem clients that you ‘just knew’ were going to be trouble. More importantly, when you are generating more enquiries than you need you will never feel under pressure to win a job just to keep the cash flow going. What that means is that you can stick to your pricing model and protect your margins! So when you attract better quality clients and can choose who you want to build for at a good margin, this industry becomes a whole lot easier!

The key to success is generating more leads from your existing website without simply throwing away more money on advertising, which only results in driving up your expenses and reducing your net profit.

A website featuring a lead magnet on the homepage generates 147x more leads than a conventional website relying on a contact us page.
(Source: Association of Professional Builders)

So while most builders end up spending more and more money on advertising desperately trying to generate phone calls into their building company, the smart builders send their website visitors through an education process that produces highly qualified leads and opportunities.

The problem for most builders is that they have left everything to the website designer.

A website designer is only part of the solution, they come up with great design and images but they rarely understand the structure required and the words that are needed to trigger a response. It’s like a consumer going to an architect and expecting them to design a custom home and then produce the engineering and then build the home. Can you imagine how that would end up? Fortunately we have laws to prevent this ever happening in construction, however when it comes to building websites, it happens all the time!

One of the most fundamental mistakes a great website designer will make is to completely overlook a compelling call to action that must appear on the first page of your website which is also known as the home page. The home page is the most visited page of your website, therefore naturally it is the most important.

Take a look at your home page, do you have a message that speaks directly to your ideal client?

Does it make them an irresistible offer that compels them to opt in and become another lead in your database that you will nurture into an opportunity for your building company?

If a consumer is spending their valuable time on your website then there is a good chance they are searching for a builder who can actually help them with their future project. So instead of being like most other builders and hoping that they will contact you to get their plans priced, why not demonstrate that you can help them by actually helping them in advance...for free?

We call this strategy ‘leading with value’ and it just flat out works all the time...

All you need to do is provide your client with something of value that they can opt in for such us a checklist, a free guide or even a plan range. If it's something they need and can see value in, they will happily trade their email address for it which gives you the opportunity to follow them up and nurture them into an opportunity.

Some builders have seen this strategy already being used online in other industries and believe it simply doesn't work. However they are completely wrong, we have successfully introduced Lead Magnets as part of a builders sales process to builders all over the world to generate hundreds of thousands of new leads since 2014.

Your knowledge is more valuable than you think.

As business owners, we all suffer from the curse of knowledge. Stuff that seems obvious to us can be very confusing to most people who are not actively involved in the game day in day out. We all take our knowledge for granted and as a consequence we confuse our audience. Nowhere is this more common than in the residential building industry.

So what if you were to offer a free download to your website visitors that explained ‘builders jargon’? You know, the simple stuff that we take for granted like PC’s, PS’s, Prelims, Concepts, Engineering...what does that all mean to the average person? Not a lot! And how much time do you spend explaining it all every time you speak to a new opportunity?

Wouldn't it be nice to educate them automatically?

Well now you can, when you have the ‘The Consumers Guide To Builders Jargon’.

It’s a lead magnet produced by ACRIS Services for builders to use on their websites in order to instantly generate more leads online.

Even if you’re not getting many visitors to your website right now you can use the promo video included within the pack to promote your building company directly on Facebook or YouTube to tap into the massive audiences that are online right now and are looking to build in the near future.

There is better way to generate leads right now!

Google and Facebook are the most cost effective channels for builders to generate new leads bar none! And promoting a lead magnet by using video is the strategy that is absolutely smashing it online for our clients right now.

So if you want to save hours by using a ready-to-use lead magnet created by builders for builders that presents your building company in the best possible light and save hundreds of dollars on video production by using a professionally created promotional video to generate quality leads from Facebook & Youtube, then this is the solution you have been looking for.

It enables you to demonstrate authority by sharing valuable industry information with consumers and generates 10 times more leads for your building company so you can increase your margins and choose your clients.

Everything you need is included in this pack of marketing templates for builders so you can gain 147x more leads from your existing website without spending more money on advertising!

Click on the link below to learn more about 'The Consumers Guide To Builders Jargon Templates'. The Consumers Guide To Builders Jargon