Do you have plenty of leads...but not enough opportunities?

Every day that passes, all of those leads that have not already progressed are getting a little colder. And with the sales cycle being so long in this industry, you could find yourself in a situation where the work is drying up before any new contracts can be signed.

Imagine if you were only dealing with hot prospects who had pre-booked an appointment in order to speak to you. That would allow you to cherry-pick the best clients and take them ‘out of the market’ before they even speak to another builder.

And if you were creating more sales opportunities by speaking to your prospects before they started communicating with other builders you’d not only have more opportunities to sell, you’d also be converting a higher percentage of those opportunities into contracts.

Sounds great in theory, but how is it achievable?

Easy, the key is video...

When a new prospect opts in for more information from you, whether that is a checklist, a free guide or maybe even a plan range, that is your moment of opportunity. It’s your opportunity to connect with them on the thank you page of your opt in funnel by using video!

Video is the key to building trust and rapport on auto-pilot!

Video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80% or more. (Source: Wordstream)

When you start using video on your thank you page you’ll instantly start generating opportunities rather than just leads. The reason is simple, video allows you to connect with your audience and outline the path ahead that they need to take...the next steps.

So while other builders are being dictated to by their clients and prospects right from the very start of the relationship, you’ll be in control of the sales process from the very first meeting!

The main problem builders face is not even a real problem.

They have been led to believe that video costs a lot of money to produce and requires a company with specialist knowledge. The people that promote this myth have a lot to gain. They charge thousands of dollars for short video clips which are unlikely to produce a return on investment for small business owners such as builders. However that doesn’t stop them promoting themselves as the ultimate marketing solution.

The truth is, you don’t need specialist equipment and you don’t need a video production company.

Every phone now comes with built in video recording functionality that would have cost thousands of dollars to purchase just a few years ago. The only thing you will need to purchase is a tripod for your phone ($20-$30) and a decent microphone that can plug into your phone. Sound quality is the #1 thing to focus on when you are getting started. Generally, the picture quality has little effect on conversion rates, however sound quality can make a massive difference so avoid using the built in microphone that comes with your phone and make a small investment for a decent microphone.

Once you have a phone, tripod and microphone you have everything you need to get started.

Once you’ve had a bit of practice you may want to invest in some lighting (approx $100 for a set) and even a background sheet to add a bit of professionalism, however these items should not stop you from getting started. Perfection is the enemy of progress!

So, now you know how to create a video that generates more opportunities for your building company, what’s stopping you?

A lot of builders tell us they just 'don’t know what to say'.

And that's why we created 'The Thank You Page Video Script For Builders'. Once you have it you'll be dealing with hot prospects who have pre-booked appointments with you! Even if you don’t know what to say, we’ve mapped it all out for you.

You’ll discover how you can generate more opportunities from your existing leads even when you don’t have their phone number and only deal with hot prospects who have pre-booked appointments with you so you can avoid having to wait for the phone to ring in order to generate a new opportunity.

We also reveal how you can become the leading builder in your community who is in demand rather than being ‘just another builder’ which allows you to take control of the relationship from the first meeting so you can avoid being dictated to by problem clients.

And when you follow a proven script, you can be confident of saying the right thing even if you’ve never shot a video before.

Everything you need to say is covered in 'The Thank You Page Video Script For Builders'. However, if you’re in a rush, then we’ve also included a video of a professional actor that you can start using today!

Click on the link below to learn more about 'The Thank You Page Video Script For Builders'.

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