Are you providing free quotes to prospects who are also contacting 6 other builders and only looking for the cheapest price?

If you are, then you are competing in a race to the bottom…

Which means you could be doing a lot of jobs, but only making enough money to pay wages.

What if you could automatically educate your leads to understand value so they can make a decision based on value rather than price…

Do you think you would sign more contracts at higher margins?

According to the Association Of Professional Builders, the average consumer is now approaching 4.3 builders and requesting a quote on their plans.

The problem with getting multiple quotes from different builders is that the consumer does not have the knowledge or the experience to compare 2 different quotes...let alone 4 or more!

As a result, they hone in on the only piece of information they understand...the starting price.

Which is why the ‘losing hand’ generally wins a tender!

Most residential home builders are simply ‘quoting and hoping’ while complaining “It’s all about price.”

However, there are other builders out there who are winning a higher percentage of jobs they quote on because their clients are educated and their expectations are being managed…

As a result they are in demand and are considered an authority in the industry.

So what’s their secret?

They use a sequence of email templates that educates their prospects as soon as they make contact, right at the beginning of the customer journey.

Rather than being annoyed at receiving a stream of educational emails, their prospects are delighted that they have found a builder who communicates regularly and provides a regular stream of valuable information…

So that’s why we created a sequence of 6 email templates that have been specifically prepared for residential home builders.

They are called the “Email Templates That Educate Prospects”.

And you need them so you can avoid competing on price by educating your prospects before you present a quote.

We’ve done all the hard work for you, all you need to do is download the templates and start sending them out to your new leads.

You can even download a spreadsheet that enables you to track every email sent out!

So, here’s what you receive when you order the Email Templates That Educate Prospects…

  • 6 Email Templates created specifically for builders that have been proven to educate new prospects on the building process
  • ‘How To’ Videos That Take You Through The Entire Process Of Completing and Using Your New Templates
  • Lifetime Access To The Email Templates That Educate Prospects
  • Welcome & Orientation Call From Our Team To Ensure You Get The Maximum Value From Your Investment

The truth is, most builders simply don’t know what to say in an email, but when you have these professionally created templates it’s easy to transform your leads into ideal clients through education and avoid ‘quoting and hoping’.When you have these templates you’ll become an industry authority rather than ‘just another builder’ who is expected to quote every job for free…

And you’ll only be dealing with educated prospects that understand value so you can avoid the time-wasters who are only looking for the cheapest price…

Which means you’ll only be building for clients that value your expertise and you’ll avoid the frustration of dealing with problem clients…

And if you’re concerned that prospects will unsubscribe from your’s OK.

Some will, and that’s fine because they ARE NOT YOUR CLIENTS.

The consumers that continue to receive, open and read your emails, they’re the ones you need to focus on!

And when you do that, you can sign more contracts at higher margins without getting into a race to the bottom where you only make enough money to pay wages!

Better still, there is absolutely no risk to you.

If you are not 100% happy with these templates then simply let us know within 30 days and I will personally process an instant refund for you…

You can even keep the templates you’ve downloaded with our compliments…

The truth is, if you are not 100% happy, we do not want to take your money, so go ahead, order The Email Templates That Educate Prospects today so you can avoid being just another builder who is expected to price jobs for free and instead become a renowned authority that is in demand in your local community.

Click on the link below to get started and instantly download The Email Templates That Educate Prospects.

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