With every day that passes, your hot opportunities that were about to sign a preliminary building agreement are going colder…

Why does this happen?

And what can you do to avoid losing another building contract because you failed to move the prospect into a prelim agreement while they were hot?

The fact is, the more prelim agreements you sign, the more building contracts you will have.

You can even get to the stage where you choose which clients you want to build for and eliminate problem clients before you offer them a contract.

But only when you have more clients at prelim stage than you need…

The most common mistake we see residential home builders make at this stage of the sales process is that they lose momentum.

And due to the way humans make decisions, that causes a real problem with your prospect, because up until now, their decision making process has been largely emotional and instinctive, using the right side of the brain.

When momentum slows, the left side of the brain starts to re-analyse the available information, and as a result the prospect starts to question their decision to make one of the largest investments of their life.

These are our natural survival instincts coming into play. ‘What if’ scenarios are played out in the prospect’s mind and they start to slow down their decision making progress in order to acquire and process more information.

Every residential home builder has experienced this many times before. Rather than proceed to the next step, a potential client will constantly request changes be made to the design or specifications before they will move forward to the next stage.

This is a sure sign the deal has lost momentum and the prospect has switched from a state of emotional decision-making to analytically questioning every decision they make.

What’s worse, is that with every day that passes, there is the potential for a change in the prospects circumstances...

It could be financial, a change of job, a new baby or even a family member in need...

Whatever the reason, every day that passes means the chances of progressing a prospect to the next stage of the sales process is reducing, which is why it is so important to take control and maintain the momentum of every opportunity.

Successful builders know that when they get to the pointy end of the sales funnel, they need 2 key elements to encourage their prospects to commit...scarcity and urgency.

Without scarcity and urgency most clients will procrastinate…

However, if you attempt to use false scarcity and urgency by lying, you will jeopardize the whole relationship.

So that is why we created a sequence of email templates for residential home builders that can be used in order to seamlessly move a prospect from a quality opportunity into a preliminary building agreement...ethically.

If you want to sign more building contracts and don’t want to be perceived as a ‘pushy salesperson’, then this is for you.

All you need to do is download the templates and then use them in sequence to keep the momentum moving forward on all of your opportunities and avoid losing clients to ‘procrastination’.

Most builders believe there is nothing they can do to move a prospect forward through their sales process. “I can’t make them sign” is a common frustration.

However, the truth is...

You can influence your prospects to move faster through your sales process when you have the right tools…

When you have the Builders Prelim Sales Templates, you will be in control of your sales process and you will know exactly how to seamlessly move your prospects into the prelim stage without lying or using pressure tactics.

And most importantly, you can progress your clients through the sales process faster without lying or using dishonest sales techniques.

So click on the button below to get started and instantly download the Builders Prelim Sales Templates...

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