Did you know it takes 6-8 touches to generate a viable selling opportunity?
(Source: Salesforce)

Can you imagine calling every single lead 6-8 times just to qualify them?

Probably not...which could be why so many of them are not progressing through your sales process.

Can you imagine what it would be like to automatically build trust and rapport with your leads while positioning yourself as an industry expert.

For residential home builders, it’s no longer a desire, it’s a minimum requirement in order to survive.

In case you haven’t already noticed, the sales process for residential home builders has changed.

15 years ago a builder would start the relationship with contact….either by phone or in person.

After that initial meeting or phone conversation, the relationship would develop.

Trust & rapport would be built up and as a result, a strong relationship would be formed.

Some builders were better than others at this part.

They had a way of talking to consumers that lead to them knowing, liking and trusting the builder.

These days, things are very different.

The relationship is now built before the meeting.

Let me say that again…

You now need to build a relationship with a potential client BEFORE you ever speak to them.

Sales has changed…

And change brings opportunity…

So whether you have a knack for building rapport with consumers, or you’ve always found that part a bit of a challenge, the playing field has leveled.

EVERY Builder now has an equal opportunity to build a relationship with a new prospect before the first meeting...regardless of their own social skills.

You just need to put the right information in front of your prospective clients from the start.

Here’s the thing, buyers are liars.

A shopper that says they are “just browsing” is not browsing at all. They are researching, looking at what the store has to offer and at what price. If they see something they like, they purchase.

Your prospects are the same.

They probably landed on your website because they were just ‘browsing’. And if you had a lead magnet on your website, they probably opted in for some information that helped them with their research.

Which means they are now in research mode. A consumer in research mode does not want to speak to a builder unless they have a specific question that needs answering.

The problem is, they don’t know what they don’t know.

However, don’t let that stop you...

Now that you have their email address you can follow them up and build the relationship BEFORE that initial phone call or meeting takes place.

Which is why we created the goodwill sequence of emails for residential home builders who are receiving enquiries from consumers that are not quite ready to take the next step...

And if you’re concerned about annoying your potential clients by sending them too many emails...don’t be!

The truth is, you will annoy and upset them if they DON’T hear from you. They will feel neglected, unwanted and ignored.

When prospects are in research mode they are ‘hungry’ for more information, so if you are not providing it to them, another builder will…

So when you are using the Builders Goodwill Email Templates, you will be dealing with well informed potential clients who understand value and are not just looking for the lowest price.

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