Do you find yourself wondering what happened to all of those leads you once had?

Maybe they have gone cold or people who you used to hear from have become unresponsive?

Fear not, as the chances are it is just a case of the timing not being right for that lead, but by giving up too quickly you could be missing out on the best opportunities.

Habitually, we tend to focus on the new lead or the most demanding prospect, as there’s only so much we can do in a day, right?

But, in order to keep your sales pipeline full, you need to nurture your leads continuously.

As Brian Tracy puts it, you should “Always have more people to see than you have time to see them”.

So, how can you keep nurturing all of your leads, whilst staying on top of the ever-expanding list of other things you need to do?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could start receiving calls from people you haven’t heard from in months, who are now eager to take the next step?

Imagine having more people wanting to build with you than you really need.

By using a simple, yet effective, email campaign, you can reactivate dead leads and get them excited to start the building process with you.

Why is email best? Well it’s simple, 77% of people prefer to get permission-based promotional messages via email compared to direct mail, text, phone and even social media.

Don’t be the builder who gives up too quickly and misses out on the best opportunities.

Instead, focus on timing and diligently follow up every lead to encourage them to continue their journey of building their dream home.

We hear from residential home builders all the time who say they feel awkward about following up cold leads.

Many don’t want to appear desperate or seen to be trying too hard.

They assume that just because people don’t respond, that they are no longer interested and stop making contact through fear of annoying them.

But the problem here is that when you stop making contact, it gives your potential customer the impression that you are no longer interested in building their dream home.

However, by re-engaging leads that you thought were all but dead, in a structured and efficient way, you will ensure you generate even more opportunities than you need.

With regular, well-written and authentic emails, you can avoid appearing desperate or annoying.

Instead you will feel confident and valued, because you know you are making every effort you can to keep your potential clients informed and in touch.

Emails will also remove the need for you to spend your day calling people and leaving messages on voicemails in the hope they’ll return your call.

By using well-crafted emails, you will ensure you are receiving calls from people who are eager to take the next step in building their dream home with you.

This helps to turn your sales pipeline from a bunch of leads that have gone cold, to re-engaged, excited future customers who are ready to get the process moving again.

We’ve seen this happen over and over again with builders who have persevered and used the latest marketing strategies to ensure their leads never go cold.

That’s exactly why we created the Lead Re-Engagement Email Templates for Builders.

When you send these emails to your previously ‘dead’ leads, they will be calling you to take the next step.

This proven process allows you to stop feeling awkward about following up people and calling leads who won’t take your calls (which let’s face it, is demotivating). Instead, you can spend your day talking to people who are calling you.

Make sure you enjoy the best opportunities that other builders miss out on by giving up too quickly.

Everything you need to get started instantly is included in these templates so you can always have more people wanting to build with you without having to cold call ‘dead’ leads!

Click on the link below to learn more about the Lead Re Engagement Email templates for builders.