Are you losing customers because other builders have better online reviews than you?

Maybe you are missing opportunities for business growth without even knowing it? Having few or no reviews of your building company with no process or plan to get them, means customers doing their research online will assume the worst and won’t even contact you.

Many of us live our lives on mobile devices which give us instant access to a wealth of information, so it’s vital that your company is presented in the best light possible.

In crowded markets such as the building industry, you need to stand out from your competitors...

And ensure you tick the ‘social proof’ box in the minds of potential new customers. Reviews from satisfied customers and a solid, consistent digital presence through your website and social media channels, all validate your company as being trustworthy, allowing you to stand out from the old-school builders. Without that social proof, you’ll lose out to the building companies that are actively growing their reviews online.

In the wise words of Bo Bonnett, ‘In sales a referral is the key to the door of resistance.’

So, when online, you should be using reviews to get your potential customers talking to you first.

Knowing what to say on the phone or what to write in an email when asking for reviews is not easy - after all, your skillset is building houses not copywriting! But what if you had a system in place for producing a continuous flow of new reviews from happy clients?

By building up a bank of genuine, quality reviews from your customers, you will become the most trusted, in demand building company in your area. Which is why you need start to increasing your social proof online now by automatically gathering reviews from your happy clients.

Did you know that 90% of customers read online reviews before contacting a building company?

The numbers speak for themselves and what better way to showcase your home builds than through the words of your satisfied customers? By effectively engaging with them, you will extend your sales tools and cut through the pack to position yourself exactly where you need to be – under the noses of new customers. No longer can building firms be successful in generating leads without an automated process to constantly capture reviews online.

Don’t believe those who tell you that online reviews are just made up and hold little value. Today’s customer is far more sophisticated, and old-school builders who don’t understand modern marketing methods will struggle to build up trust and new business online.

The thought of reaching out to clients to request a review can make some builders feel awkward, shy or concerned.

They don’t like to sound desperate so they simply avoid even asking. This is a missed opportunity for your building company! Done correctly, you will not only benefit from gaining great online reviews, but you will also feel proud and confident that your customers think so highly of you.

Rather than wasting hours trying to get hold of clients and asking them to leave a review (which, let’s be honest, they hardly ever do), there is a far more effective way to ensure you never miss out again.

Instead, you can be notified of new 5 star reviews of your company, without having to step away from your core business. This will free up your time and transform your trustability online leaving you confident that your social proof is growing and a hole in your marketing strategy has been plugged.

Using an automated process reduces the amount of time it takes to request reviews...

It also eliminates the uncertainty of knowing what to say or even how to say it. It’s a fine balancing act between providing enough motivation for clients to leave a great review about your building company and appearing desperate. When approached in a systematic way, you can avoid appearing pushy and desperate whilst building up a continuous flow of new reviews.

People feel valued when they are asked for their opinion...

Particularly when they know they are working with a reputable building company that embraces feedback. Potential customers will soon be placing your building company ahead of the competition, because they will see what your previous clients have said about you. They will also appreciate your transparency and professionalism which automatically positions you as the trusted builder to work with.

And that’s the reason why we created a series of email templates that will enable you to request online reviews effectively and professionally.

Receive a continuous flow of new reviews from happy clients ...

By using them, you will not only have a system for producing a continuous flow of new reviews from happy clients, you will also be able to access three essential email templates that virtually every successful builder uses to get their clients to leave reviews online.

These email templates will avoid you appearing pushy and annoying to your good clients, so you can capture genuine, authentic reviews online, rather than having to resort to fake testimonials that are rightly met with skepticism and distrust. Instead you will ensure you become the top rated, most trusted builder in your area.

Everything you need to get started instantly is included in these templates so you can create a continuous flow of new reviews from happy clients without appearing pushy or desperate.

Click on the link below to learn more about the Email Templates To Capture Reviews Online for builders.

Email Templates To Request Online Reviews